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There are many different marketing strateges out there and promotional pens are excellent way of marketing, a pen is a useful item, it is easy to carry, it is found almost everywhere, and it is an excellent means of creating a brand image. Imagine a person on a bus having a pen clipped to his shirts pocket, the pen becomes visible to everyone on the bus, if the pen has a brand name then the brand becomes visible to people everywhere he goes to a mall, a supermarket, or a fun fair. Many people carrying promotional pens unconsciously market brand names, the pen advertises the brand automatically.

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People place pens in pen containers and pen-holders on the desks, a pen containing a brand name is seen by people who come to visit a person, and it acts as an automatic image-builder. Everyone who walks in at a busy reception notices a pen bearing a company's name this builds the image of the company.

A pen is a very small item, people who receive it do not perceive it as a huge gift, and do not mind accepting it as all. People who give away pens buy them at a nominal cost, so it is not all that expensive to advertise using pens which are promotional. A pen is a handy and a useful item, many people have to have it in their purse, it is something important because it is widely used. People of all age groups use a pen they use it at homes, in offices, shops, schools, and banks so it is sure to advertise the brand name among many groups of people in different places.

Companies that wish to extend premier gifts to customers use expensive brands of pens like Parker and Cross as give-away items. A financial house or a company inviting shareholders may give away pens which are branded to stakeholders and an executive's club may present expensive pens to its group members.

A pen is used by people all over the world so company representatives can present it to anyone anywhere in the world. It makes an excellent gesture of goodwill, people feel good when they receive a pen. Many perceive it as a token of appreciation an expensive promotional pen is a status symbol. Pens used to promote are an excellent give-away items, companies achieve their aims and objectives of building relationships, winning customer loyalty, promoting the brand and advertising whereas the recipients feel good about receiving a small practical gift.