Beanies and Boots make wonderful and practical gifts for children during cold and wet weather. But unlike adults, children prefer to keep a set of favorite set to wear regularly rather than a big collection of boots and beanies. They are also more likely to wear their clothes until they are worn out, outgrown, or until the weather changes.

How Kids Dress

Kids like routine and regularity so once they take to something they stick to it for as long as they can. This is why it is a good idea to shop with your kid and let them choose what they want to wear instead of buying something that might not appeal to their budding sense of style. Compare this to a variety of printed promotional pens in bright colors. While a child might want to have them all, he or she is most likely to just pick a one or to and use that regularly. Spoiling a child with choice only tends to confuse and waste.

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Crocheted Beanies for Children

Crocheted beanies are the kind of thing often seen as granny projects. But there are new designs and colors now that make the beanie look more hip and playful. Look for beanies that are made in the shape of animals which children really love. Beanie owls are very popular at the moment and you can even make your own if you have crafty hands since there are several tutorials to be found on the internet. Try crocheted and knitted beanies with cute animal ears for a more simple yet fun looking beanie.

Felt and Other Fabric Beanies for Children

Felt and fabric beanies are easier to make for the no knitting or crocheting set. Felt and fabrics like t-shirt fabric do not need to be hemmed and they do not run so it is much easier to hand for beginner DIYers. Recycle old t-shirts by fashioning them into children's beanies with just minimal sewing and design skills. When shopping for felt beanies, look for felted wool as they tend to be warmer and are better formed than regular felt hats.

Rubber Boots for Wet Weather

Rubber boots are the preferred footwear for rainy days. They are comfortable and keep the feet dry. Rubber boots also have the fortune of being a lot cheaper than most wet weather gear, which makes them perfect for children. Children's boots are usually made of softer rubber material to mold on their feet. They also come in child friendly prints and colors which a child will come to adore.

Recycling Children's Boots

If your child's boots have been outgrown or have become worn out there are a few things you can do to extend their life. You can give the pair of boot away to another child if the boots are merely outgrown. But you can also cut the boots into clogs or slip-ons so the child has some casual footwear to wear around the yard. Rubber boots are soft and do not fall apart when cut.